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6 + 1 free Delaware Hatching Eggs



 This listing is for rare Delaware chicken hatching eggs from FloridaPets/Monticello Farms.

  The Delaware chicken was developed in the State of Delaware, hence the name. This chicken was developed to be a very useful bird. The Delaware is a very good layer of light brown, almost pinkish colored eggs. They are a heavy breed that at one time, not so long ago, was the main meat bird on the east coast of the United States. With the development of the Cornish/Rock cross, the Delaware fell out of favor of the meat industry. The “new” Cornish crosses were a much faster growing bird and has much broader breasts than the Delaware. The Delaware, which was once very popular and in high production, has slipped to a very concerning low number. Our birds have never had antibiotics and are well cared for and are cage free and free roaming. We have hatched several of these chickens ourselves. They lay very well and their meat is very different from what you find in the grocery store. You will love these chickens.

Our eggs will be shipped to you wrapped in bubble wrap, in  styrofoam cartons and double boxed for their safety.  We have had excellent success with this method of shipping. 

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Our photos are from our farm and of actual birds owned.   

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  • We use USPS(for now)

  • You will receive a detailed order confirmation upon payment. This confirmation is very important. You must reply to it for a smooth transaction.  

  • To receive refund of damaged eggs be sure to follow these steps;

  1. Take a photo of your UNOPENED package as it arrived to you.
  2. Open your package and take photo of contents.
  3. Send us the photos via e-mail and give us a call.
  • Office open Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm. 803-235-9556. Feel free to email anytime!

  •   If you have any questions please contact us!  We'll be happy to speak to you. Communication is very important to us and for a great transaction!