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If  your family is anything like our family, you desire fresh quality, all natural foods for your health and well being.  Sometimes it can be challenging to find such foods.  When you do have the time to find where to get these items, you discover that it will take more time running around to gather them.  This is too much of a hassle and really forces you to settle for what is available at your local grocer.  Soon with gas prices going up, the cost of food even at your local grocer will also increase.  You will be spending even more for poor quality and less nutritious meals.  We’re here to help! We have found some of the best local producers and growers to provide you with the BEST Quality Produce, Dairy, Eggs, and Poultry products.  Not only have we found Great local sources for these wonderful items, but we will deliver it right to your door!  All the hassle and inconvenience of eating healthy are now gone! 

Ordering is simple!  You can an order directly from our site!  Deliveries will be made to your neighborhood once per week.  Orders need to be placed through our site the day before your scheduled delivery day.

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