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INTRODUCING:-----------------------------------CARRILYN RENEE´ ZINGERELLA

BORN: -------------------------------------------------------5:20 am Tuesday July 11th

WEIGHT: --------------------------------------------------------------------7 lbs. 6ozs.

HEIGHT: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21"

As you may or may not be aware; we have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second child which was due to be born on July 25th. We were unexpectedly surprised to realize that the baby had other ideas. Last night(Monday), after processing several shipping labels for Tuesday's orders, Shelley's water had broken. Our second child was going to be arriving sometime Tuesday. At 5:20 am Tuesday morning Carrilyn Renee´ Zingerella was born. Due to last weeks shortened holiday shipping schedule and now this unexpected birth, we are struggling to get your orders out as quickly as possible. We are getting help from friends and relatives, but our small family operation has just lost a key order processor in Shelley. She will do her best to recover as soon as possible and we hope you will understand our situation and can remain patient with us as we enjoy and recover from our precious new gift.
        We will be attempting to get the orders that were received first out first. We will be e-mailing or calling(if you provided your phone number) with order status and shipping dates. If you have any questions or concerns about certain days for receipt, please feel free to respond via e-mail or give us a call. You can reach us toll free 1-866-241-9897.
        Thank you again for your patience and for your order.

Carrilyn's delivery midwife Tammy with her duaghter Andrea. (there's quite a story behind Carrilyn's birth)

Tammy came back for the post pardom exams of both Carrilyn and Shelley.

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The 2005 hurricane season hit very close.

  Hurricane Katrina

                 Hurricane Rita


and hopefully last, but not least... WILMA

The 2006 Hurricane season gets an early start. June 10 first named storm of 2006, Alberto.


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