Nassarius Vibex
Looking for the best substrate cleaner around? You found 'um! Nassarius vibex snails. These little guys stay burried beneath your substrate and wait for the enticing aroma of food. It doesn't take much to get them "popping" out of the ground and chase down the food. You'll find our Nassarius snails very healthy, hardy, and inexpensive.

Each snail= .75 cents

25 Snails = $16.25

50 Snails = $29.50

Margarita Snails
These snails are cousins to the turbo snails. These snails will eat a lot of green slime algae notorious for making your aquarium look dirty and your water cloudy. Adding some of these great algae eaters will reduce your maintenance
load greatly. These snails do not get as large as the Mexican turbos, which makes them safe for any type of habitat.




12 snails = $16.50


Astrea Snails
These snails are excellent algae eaters. These snails will right themselves if on course substrate or near a hard surface. They will keep glass clear of green slime algae as well as diatom algae.



Mexican Turbo Snails
Turbo snails do a very good job of eating various types of algae. They will consume filamentous algae, green slime and diatoms. They are usually found in areas of lower light levels. They are more active at night and consume a lot of algae! These snails vary in size from the size of a marble to about one and half inches.



10 snails = $29.50

Striped Turbo Snail
These are a large algae eater. These snails eat a good deal of algae but don't seem to be a very active snail. They spend a lot of time on the glass and should work well in larger aquariums where slime algae is not a big problem.


Lettuce Slug
These adorable slugs are great to watch. They are herbivores and will munch on various green algaes. They will also acquire some food through the light, as they are somewhat photosynthetic. Use caution as they may be sucked up in filter intakes and overflows. Lettuce nudibranchs range in size from a half inch to one inch.


3 nudibranchs/$24.00

Philippine Astrea Snails
We now have a bigger selection of algae eating snails. We found a supplier of these wonderful Astrea snails. They are imported from the Philippines and are a little larger than their Atlantic cousins. They have the same robust apetite and are very attractive. You can't loose with these snails.

ONLY $1.55 ea.

6 snails = $8.99

Giant Nicaraguan Cerith Snails

These guys are good Algae eaters. They will crawl on the glass, rocks or bury slightly beneath the sand. They have been known to reproduce in aquariums. They will serve two purposes; 1) they will keep your sand lose, and 2) they will consume unsightly algae. Another GREAT price from FloridaPets!



Sm. Green Sea Hare
These guys are fantastic algae eaters. They seem to prefer brown slime algae. They are very durable and will move around cleaning algae nearly everywhere. They are about 1" in length and 3/4" width.


Olive Snails

These are fantastic snails. These Olive Snails come from the Gulf of Mexico. They are a tropical snail and they have the same temperament and characteristics as the Nassarius vibex snails. They will bury themselves in the sand and "pop" out with the first scent of food(dead material, ie. frozen foods flake foods or dead fish and inverts.)


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