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eople who understand how to treat
their body naturally either grew up
with a family member who taught
them how to use God's plants or they
have had a journey and learned for
themselves due to some illness or
unexpected health concern of a
family member. I had such a

I grew up in and out of doctor's
offices taking antibiotics for ailments
ranging from tonsillitis, bronchitis,
walking pneumonia and sinus
infections. Like many people I was
allergic to penicillin and soon also
had severe reactions to
erythromycin, tetracycline, ceclor,
myracin, cefzil and most other
doctor prescribed "cure all".

In 1998 I was newly married,
relocated and teaching elementary
school children. When another bout
of bronchitis struck I was afraid to
go to the doctor for fear that the
medication would be worse than the
original ailment. A friend ask me if I
had ever tried an alternative
medicine? Huh? What's that? She
introduced me to my first herb. I got
over my bronchitis without
antibiotics for the first time ever, I
was shock and elated. She taught me
about the herb and I began using it
at the first sign of becoming sick. I
haven't been back in a doctor's office
for antibiotics since. That's over ten

I got to thinking... if this works,
what other herbs are out there that
I don't know anything about??