There's plenty of news to report!

First of all, please accept our apologies for not sending out the August, Sept. and October newsletters. This newsletter will cover the last few months. We have had a lot of interesting things going on lately. Carrilyn is doing great and growing very fast. And, Alexandria loves her new baby sister.

We are in the process of relocating and expanding our facility.

We have also established a sister site to FloridaPets. This new site is called This new site will sell some of the same items as FloridaPets as well as an additional few snails. SnailsbyMail sells items that will ship well using three day transit times. This gives us the opportunity to use ground transportation thereby allowing us to provide FREE shipping for orders over $30.00. When our move is complete, our ground shipping area will also be expanded for both sites.


Some items are back in stock and there are a few new items added for our members. Sm. Green Sea Hares are once again available.

The Members only site has been changed. The whole site is one page with links to various sections ie. cleaning crews, snails etc.. You will still be able order directly from this page and receive your 10% discount and special prices on sale items. If you live in the southeast however, you will still want to e-mail us your order for shipping discounts.

UPDATE ON PROLIFERA. Although we have located it, there is not the abundance seen in the past and only found in the deeper waters. It is difficult to collect. We will be suspending the sale of it to collect and cultivatet it in our new location.

You may have noticed a new item on our site. We are now culturing copepods in a few of our holding tanks. We have placed them on our site on the shrimp page. There will be several hundred copepods in each portion sold. There may also be a few amphipods and micro stars in the bag with them. These portions of copepods are sold for $14.00 on the site and available to newsletter members for $12.60. Being FloridaPets members, we understand that you are amoung the most intelligent of marine aquarium hobbiests and as you already know Copepods are extremely small critters. These little guys could have a party on the head of a pin. The photo on the site is magnified and the copepods are concentrated into a small area to show detail.

Specials this Month:

Pods(a huge variety of amphipods, copepods, isopods, skeleton shrimp and sm. worms) newsletter special...............$6.95 find them in theShrimp section

Sm. Green Sea Hares(Excellent algae eaters, better than a lot of snails.) newsletter special...............$5.50 find them in the Snails section


Orange Turbo Snails(Excellent algae eaters, the overall BEST algae eater.) newsletter members EXCLUSIVE!...$4.50 find them in the Snails section


Giant Nicaraguan Cerith Snails (Good algae eaters and detrivore.) newsletter members EXCLUSIVE!...$1.25 find them in the Snails section


Horseshoe Crabs(Ornamental sand dwelling crab.) newsletter special...............$6.29 find them in the Invertebrates section


Green Zoanthid Polyps(Ornamental sand dwelling crab.) newsletter special...............$17.49 find them in the Live Mud/Polyps section