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"Portion O'Pods" INFORMATION:

Our portions contain a variety of types of pods. The majority of "pods" are Amphipods. There are also some Copepods, Isopods and, at times Skeleton Shrimp .

We have conducted experiments on our pods, and have determined that the varieties that are collected are detrivours and/or herbivours. We have placed fish of varying sizes in small containers with our various pods, and have seen no signs of aggressive parasitism from the Isopods. These Isopods are very similar in looks and function to their close cousins the Potato Bug, or Pill Bug on land, which are herbivours.

Our portions will likely contain large numbers of Copepods, which are extremely tiny.These Copepods are nearly impossible to see at first due to there extremely tiny size. They will also be clinging tightly to the pieces of macro included. We find that they look like tiny grains of onion powder darting around. Pods are shipped with a small piece of macro algae. Some pods will cling tightly to this piece of macro algae and that macro should be placed directly to your tank or refugium. We sell the portions with a count of about 100 amphipods, isopods and Skeleton shrimp.

The photos to the right show an experiment using a feeder fish in a petri dish containing several Isopods. The fish was unharmed for over 18 hours with the Isopods. Other experiments were conducted using several hundred assorted pods, including various Isopods, with various types of fish, snails and shrimp. In one such experiment, one injured, nearly dead fish was consumed by the pods. All other fish and inverts were left unharassed by the pods. Don't settle for common, homogeneous pods. Get the best available variety and most appealing for your fish. Our pods will keep your fish expecting more and they'll have fun while they eat. NOBODY sells PODS like WE sell PODS! Get MORE for your money!! And don't take our word for it, just check out our feedback.

If you have any questions, please let us know! Feel free to give us a call; 727-485-4025.