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FloridaPets.com is fast becoming a leading supplier of quality marine invertebrates and plants! Personal service and attention to details is our priority. With over 20 years of saltwater experience we have the ability to answer your questions and provide you with healthy, well-cared for creatures and specimens. The past twenty years saltwater obsession includes twelve years "brick and mortar" retail, aquarium leasing and maintenance, in addition to the past five plus years e-commerce.

FloridaPets accepts major credit cards via PayPal only, personal checks and money orders through the mail to: FloridaPets, 2510 Auburn Drive, Cocoa, Florida, 32926. We enjoy speaking with customers over the phone toll free 1-866-241-9897. Sorry, we cannot accept payment over the phone. COD orders are accepted with an additional COD fee of $7.00.

It is important to us to confirm your order and shipping address within 24 hours. Please reply to the confirmation via e-mail or phone. We want to be sure that we have your information correct!! You will receive a FEDEX tracking number prior to shipping.

Wholesale price lists are available to retail shops. Discount prices also available on large group orders.

In order to keep costs low and do our part for the environment, our products are personally handcollected by net (no chemicals are ever used) , and we use shredded paper and newsprint for packing material. We also reuse shipping boxes when possible. This is why you do not see a box charge at FloridaPets.

We have been informed by a customer from Texas that bags of ice work just as well as cold gel packs to keep items cool en route. Therefore, we have discontined the cold pack charge. Ice bags and styrofoam will be added as necessary. (A heat pack charge will still be applied during winter months). A good relationship with FEDEX and volume shipping keeps shipping prices as low as possible. We appreciate our customers and rely on their word of mouth for advertising. If you like how you're treated here and you like our products and service, please tell others. If for any reason you were not pleased with us please tell us! Compare FloridaPets to other top e-commerce sites! Thank you for your patronage!