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Nassarius Vibex
Looking for the best substrate cleaner around? You found 'um! Nassarius vibex snails. These little guys stay buried beneath your substrate and wait for the enticing aroma of food. It doesn't take much to get them "popping" out of the ground and chase down the food. You'll find our Nassarius snails very healthy, hardy, and inexpensive.

Each snail= .55 cents

25 Snails = $13.16

50 Snails = $24.00

Mexican Turbo Snails
Turbo snails do a very good job of eating various types of algae. They will consume filamentous algae, green slime and diatoms. They are usually found in areas of lower light levels. They are more active at night and consume a lot of algae! These snails vary in size from the size of a marble to about one and half inches.




10 snails = $23.00

heat pack $2.50

Olive Snails

These are fantastic snails. These Olive Snails come from the Gulf of Mexico. They are a tropical snail and they have the same temperament and characteristics as the Nassarius vibex snails. They will bury themselves in the sand and "pop" out with the first scent of food(dead material, ie. frozen foods flake foods or dead fish and inverts.)



Giant Nicaraguan Cerith Snails

These guys are very good Algae eaters. They will crawl on the glass, rocks or bury slightly beneath the sand. They have been known to reproduce in aquariums. They will serve two purposes; 1) they will keep your sand lose, and 2) they will consume unsightly algae. Another GREAT price from FloridaPets!



Striped Turbo Snail
These are a large algae eater. These snails eat a good deal of algae but don't seem to be a very active snail. They spend a lot of time on the glass and should work well in larger aquariums where slime algae is not a big problem.


Sm. Green Sea Hare
These guys are fantastic algae eaters. They seem to prefer brown slime algae. They are very durable and will move around cleaning algae nearly everywhere. They are about 1" in length and 3/4" width.


Margarita Snails

These are an excellent, durable algae eating snail these guys can consume tons of green slime algae. Don't risk scratching your aquarium by scrapping or scouring to remove unsightly algae, pick up some of These snails and kiss your algae problems goodbye!



heat pack $2.50

Snails & Crabs package
This package will aggressively control detrious, clean up slime algae and gently stir the sand bed. Package contains Nassarius vibex snails, Margarita snails, Atlantic Astrea snails and Right Handed Hermit Crabs. Right handed hermits stay small and are less aggressive than other popular small hermit crabs. They lend a hand to stirring your substrate and also help control some algae. Vibex will stay buried, coming up like little zombies when there is food to devour. This will also help with stirring the sand bed. Virgin nerite snails are the prettiest snails that we've ever encountered. Other than decorating your tank, they'll do a nice job helping the Astreas with the glass.

Large package:

  • 50 Nassarius snails
  • 12 Margarita snails
  • 12 Atlantic Astrea snails
  • 20 Left Handed Hermits.

Valued at: $83.70 Package price: $70.50

Small package:

  • 25 Nassarius snails
  • 6 Margarita snails
  • 6 Astrea snails
  • 12 Left Handed Hermits.

Valued at: $40.50 Package price: $32.45

The Basic Cleaning Crew
The best deal on two great cleaners; Nassarius vibex Snails and Left Handed or Right Handed Hermit Crabs. Amazing detrivores; they clean up substrate from excess food, dead organisms and fish waste. Vibex snails will hide in the sand waiting for the smell of "food." They'll come right up from the substrate like little zombies, stirring it up for you. Right Handed hermit crabs are tiny little guys which make them a good choice for reef aquariums. Energetically picking through substrate, their size will not become a problem. Omnivores, the crabs will clean up some algae as well.

Small package: 12 nassarius vibex snails, 12 hermits $10.50

Large package: 20 vibex snails, 20 hermits. $20.50

Algae Control Cleaning Crew
Just need help keeping your glass free of algae? This package contains Margarita snails, Astrea tecta, Mexican turbos and Giant cerith snails. They want to clean all that slime algae off your your glass and keep it clean so that you'll never have to! They are also good for eating various other kinds of nuisance algae: red/brown slime, diatoms (brown powdery) and filamentous. A few notes:

We believe that the Mexican turbos have the bigger appetite. Regarding the Astreas, we get many calls asking if they will fall off the glass and die. We have never witnessed one of ours doing so. We believe that a tank can experience a "Red Tide" type algae which will cause the Astreas to become sick and eventually die. ... Giant cerith snails will help with detritus in addition to cleaning glass.

Large package:

  • 24 Astrea snails
  • 12 Mexican turbo snails
  • 12 margarita snails
  • 12 Giant Cerith snails.(out of stock)

Valued at: $101.06 Package price: $80.96

Small package:

  • 12 Astrea snails
  • 6 Mexican turbo snails
  • 8 Margarita snails.
  • 6 Giant cerith snails(out of stock)

Valued at: $54.28 Package price: $44.85

This is a great package for large aquariums with lots of fish. This crew includes Sand Sifting Stars, Right Handed Hermit Crabs, Peppermint Shrimp, Astrea snails and Nassarius vibex snails.

The Sand Sifting Stars are fantastic guys for adding interest to your tank. They do a very nice job cleaning up the top layers of your sand bed. In our fish only tanks, they make a nice "landscaper."

Left Handed hermits are considered "reef safe" due to their tiny size. They'll do well scrambling over rocks and among your substrate looking for detritus and algae to snack on.

Astreas hang out on the glass constantly wiping it down. Peppermint shrimp are a cleaner shrimp. Watch them clean your fish! They will also eat aptasia anemones.


Small package:

  • 1 Sand Sifting Star
  • 6 Left Handed Hermits
  • 2 Peppermint Shrimp
  • 12 Astrea snails
  • 25 Nassarius vibex snails

Valued at: $66.52 Package price: $53.22

Large package:

  • 2 Sand Sifting Stars
  • 20 Left Handed Hermits
  • 6 Peppermint shrimp
  • 18 Astrea snails
  • 50 Nassarius vibex snails

Valued at: $114.40 Package price: $91.60

Nano Cube Crew
This package is put together with nano reefs in mind. This crew will keep your nano looking great and keep it healthy for a long time. This crew contains: Nassarius vibex snails, Astrea snails and tiny reef safe hermits.


Sm. Package contains:

  • 6 Nassarius vibex snails
  • 2 Astrea snails
  • 4 Left handed hermits

Small Package: $7.75

Lg. Package contains:

  • 10 Nassarius vibex snails
  • 4 Astrea snails
  • 6 Left handed hermits

Large Package: $14.25

heat pack $2.50

Right Handed Hermit Crabs
These tiny little gem hermits are a favorite of ours. They are very active scavengers and also eat some algae. Like Blue legged hermits, they are reef safe due to their tiny size. However, they have proven to be less aggressive than the Blue legs. Right handed hermits choose a variety of shells in which to make their home. Empty shells for growing hermits to move into are also available.


Extra shells = .20 cents each

Scarlet Hermit Crabs

We are carrying these cute crabs due to popular demand. You've asked for them and now we have them. They get a little larger than the typical Blue Legs with about the same temperament maybe a little kinder to snails. Good all around cleaner.


Mushroom Rock
Baseball sized rock with 7-9 regular mushrooms(as pictured). Polyps are about the size of a quarter. The rock has some coralline algae growing on it. Only one available. You may want to call or e-mail before entering it to the shopping cart.


Hawaiian Feather Dusters
A feather duster is actually a worm. The worm builds a tube in which to live and a feather with which to capture food. They are very interesting to watch, a beautiful addition to the aquarium, and an excellent filter feeder! Larger feather dusters can be special ordered. Please inquire if interested.

Out of Stock


Sally Light foot Crabs

Here is a useful algae eater particularly when small. There have been reports of these crabs catching small fish for meals. Based on their claw shape and body configuration, they are designed for eating algae. My suspicion is that they may resort to catching food if there is not enough suitable algae for it. Will also accept frozen foods and flake foods as supplement.

$6.39/ea.(Out of Stock)

Pom Pom Crabs

We have these wonderfully colored little crabs. They are reef safe. These crabs stay small and will find rock over hangs or ledges for hiding places. Some of these crabs are missing their "pom poms", but are still a beautiful addition to any aquarium.


Emerald Crabs
These crabs are your best bet for naturally controlling certain nuisance algaes like: bubble algae and hair algae. They are fairly active scavengers primarily working at night. These crabs are available in limited quantities so please e-mail or call for their availability.

$3.65/ea.(Out of Stock)

Horseshoe Crabs
Horseshoe crabs are fun to watch and are very good cleaners of detritus. These guys are not recommended for reef tanks due to their size and their digging nature. They go best in large aquaria with larger carnivorous fish ie.; Lionfish, Groupers, or Moray eels.


Anemone Crabs

These unique crabs are very entertaining.They have specialized mouth parts that are shaped like small baskets. They wave these baskets in front of them to catch food particles in the water. They are very reef safe and are primarily filter feeders, but will scavenge for larger particles of food as well. The only real difference between these crabs and the Porcelain crabs is their coloration and their fondness of anemones.

Only A few Available!

$8.00/ea. (Out of Stock).

Tiny Left Handed Zebra Hermit Crabs
These are very neat little crabs. Their left claw is much bigger than the right claw and their legs are very distinctive and bright. I haven't had these guys long enough to know for sure how large they can get or what their overall temperament is like.


heat pack $2.50

Refugium Booster Macro

This Algae-Only Booster Package is great for starting smaller refugiums or for "adding life" to an existing refugium.

Algae offers a favorable environment for fish and an important food source for many. Microfauna, which live among the algae metabolize food particles left uneaten by fish. This enhances the food chain. For example, Mandarin fish will live off these microfauna. Microfauna may be included with this package.

Sm. Package contains:

  • 1/4 portion prolifera(3"x4")
  • 1 codium
  • Small Package: $10.00

    Lg. Package contains:

    • 1/2 portion prolifera(10"x12")
    • 2 codium

    Large Package: $20.00

    Refugium Booster Mix

    This Algae Booster Package with Detritivores consists of macros, marine plants and useful detritivores. It will filter nutrients from your water and feed your tank at the same time. Detritivores breed within the algae and get pumped into your main tank. It is great for new smaller refugiums or for "adding life" to an existing refugium.

    Sm. Package contains:

    • 1/4 portion prolifera(3"x4"){Nutrient export, food}
    • 10 Nassarius vibex snails{detritivores}
    • 1 portion copepods{Detritivores, food}

    Small Package: $25.00

    Med. Package contains:

    • 1/2 portion prolifera(4"x5"){Nutrient export, food}
    • 25 Nassarius vibex snails{detritivores}
    • 2 portion cultured copepods{Detritivores, food}

    Med. Package: $54.00

    Lg. Package contains:

    • 1/2 portion prolifera(4"x5"){Nutrient export, food}
    • 50 Nassarius vibex snails{detritivores}
    • 4 portions cultured copepods{Detritivores, food}

    Large Package: $97.00

    Cleaning Crews
    Refugium Packages
    Live Mud/Polyps

    We now carry cultured copepods. You will receive a small bag of hundreds of these tiny microfauna. The bottom of the food chain is now available from a source you know and trust. These copepods are cultured, collected and bagged right here at Floridapets. These are not purchased and resold to you. These are straight from our culture tank straight to you FRESH!

    $11.50/ea. bag of a couple hundred

    Peppermint Shrimp
    Very popular for use in reef aquariums to help control Aptasia anemones. These are also known as Caribbean Cleaner Shrimp. They reproduce readily in the aquarium although the babies are very difficult to rear. This makes these shrimp ideal for keeping in display tanks as a consistent food source for smaller fish and invertebrates. These shrimp are purchased from our local wholesaler.


    $10.65/3 shrimp

    Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

    Gorgeous shrimp! These guys are spectacular additions to nearly every aquarium. They stand out with their contrasting colors and side to side motions. They are excellent for fish only aquariums or add color and motion to any reef tank.


    LARGE $16.99/EA

    Bumble Bee Shrimp

    These colorful tiny little shrimp are fun to watch. They will move around the tank exploring their new home. These little shrimp are related to the Harlequin shrimp. What this means is that that will prefer to nibble on tube feet of sea cucumbers. Unlike their cousins however, they will also eat meaty foods, such as frozen brine shrimp or prime reef.


    Galapagos Cleaner Shrimp
    These are beautiful little shrimp. They are considered a cleaner shrimp, but rarely feel comfortable enough to fully leave their hide out. They are a small yet very attractive addition to almost any aquarium. They will generally hide out under rock out croppings or among macro algae. They most likely will eat flake foods or frozen Brine shrimp. They will become very active at feeding times. Use caution if large fish or wrasses are present.


    Cleaning Crews
    Refugium Packages
    Live Mud/Polyps
    Mushroom Rock

    Baseball sized rock with 7-9 regular mushrooms(as pictured). Polyps are about half dollar size. The rock has some coralline algae growing on it. Only one available. You may want to call or e-mail before entering it to the shopping cart.


    Yellow Gorgonian
    We have just a couple left. They are about 6-8" tall and loaded with polyps. They will need to be fed with a filter feeder supplement. They have proven themselves to be very hardy and durable and we love them.


    Cream Colored Zoanthid Polyps (Sun Polyps)

    These pretty polyp colonies are hand collected in the Keys in shallow water in bright sunlight. They are a large polyp so they will look attractive in any size tank. We ship between 10 and 15 polyps per "colony" purchase.

    $20.00/ lg. colonies

    Red Sea Fan
    Really neat gorgonians. Handle shipping well and very hardy. Polyps opening and looks great. Likes lots of light and could use some supplemental feedings with invert foods.


    Purple Sea Fan
    Really neat gorgonians. Handle shipping well and very hardy. Polyps opening and looks great. Likes lots of light and could use some supplemental feedings with invert foods.


    Cleaning Crews
    Refugium Packages
    Live Mud/Polyps

    Mangrove Pods
    Mangrove pods are collected before they have sprouted. Mangrove is an great addition to your refugium being an excellent nutrient exporter. They will require 10 hours of strong lighting/day. Mangroves are a tree, however, and grow very slow... around an inch in a year all the while helping to keep your aquarium healthy. Our Mangroves are growing very nicely. We have plenty of them between 6"and 10" tall.


    Pipefish and seahorses love to dawdle among it. The Gracilaria ranges in color from bright red to orange to brownish. It's branches feel as if they are full of water. This macro will take nutrients out of your water, however has not grown very quickly for us. Gracilaria is a very attractive piece of the sea and is usually purchased as food or an addition to make the inhabitants of your aquarium feel at home. A bunch of gracilaria is a bushy piece that will fan out to fill a 6"x6" area in the water. Locally collected Gracilaria tends to be brown or beige in color. It is seasonal and at times cannot be found locally. Gracilaria, in general, changes color after acclimating to a new environment.


    Shoal Grass
    Shoal Grass, like Turtle Grass, sends long runners through the substrate to send up a new plant. This grass will also reach heights of 12-18". It makes a great transitional plant from reef to grass bed. We only sell in bunches as this grass has such a a fine leaf.

    $8.49 for 6 plants

    $17.55/12 plants

    Manatee Grass
    This tubular sea grass is a beautiful addition to any reef or fish only aquarium. Manatee grass grows more rapidly than Turtle or Shoal grasses. Manatee grass can reach lengths of up to 24". Only sold in bunches.

    $4.45 for 3 plants

    $8.50/6 plants

    Shaving Brush Plant
    This really cool macro algae is a calcareous algae. Shaving Brush is a beautiful marine macro algae used primarily as a decorative plant. Please specify size that you prefer. Use in your show tank or in your refugium. It does best planted in an aragonite sand or established fine crushed coral substrate. Expect it to die off some during transplanting. Do not remove seemingly dead plants. The plant will come back from the hold fast (roots).


    3 for $15.15

    Sand Sifting Stars
    These are really neat starfish. They will stay buried just beneath the sand. They are great for keeping the top layers of your sand bed clean and aerated. They work like giant nassarius vibex snails. If you are having a problem with cyanobacteria or diatoms on your sand bed, consider adding one or two of these guys to your tank. These stars are about three to four inches across.

    ONLY $10.05 ea.

    Banded Serpent Star

    These serpents have distinct black bands around their legs. These stars come from Bali. They Have the same description as the serpents listed above. You may want to take caution using these stars in tanks with small or slow moving fish. These stars will eat just about anything they catch!


    Serpent Stars
    Most likely the hardiest and most useful of all sea stars. These Serpent Stars are outstanding scavengers. They are very reef safe and easy to care for. Expect them to live for years. They are a scavenger that feeds on fish feces, dead organisms, and uneaten food.



    Pincushion Urchin

    We have collected a number of these interesting critters. These urchins do not seem very interested in eating coralline algae. I have placed some in an aquarium to help control coralline algae growing on the glass and they did not touch it. They will camouflage themselves with small shells or pieces of macro algae. We have some the size of tennis balls and some the size of golf balls. Please specify the size you'd like. We also have some that are white and some that are brown and rose colored.




    Knobby Stars

    These stars are not reef safe. They make great additions to fish only aquariums. They eat detritus and will help keep your substrate clean. They are about 5 inches across and are very beautiful. Do not add to aquariums with triggers as they may become a snack. These stars are also a favorite food for Harlequin shrimp as well.

    Price: $26.50

    Long Spine Sea Urchins
    These little urchins are spectacular with their long needle like spines. Their spines have light colored stripes running around them. They will "wave" their spines while they move about. They eat primarily algae and will eat coralline algae as well. These urchins reach a large size in the ocean with their bodies getting about softball size and their spines getting to the size of a small basketball.


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