Amphipods, Copepods and assorted micro fauna are excellent additions to your main tank or refugium. Most of these tiny critters are detrivors or micro algae eaters. They are also a tremendous food source for fish and inverts of all kinds. Our portion O' pods contains approximately one hundred pods. I've compared prices, You won't beat this price ANYWHERE! GUARANTEED!! CLICK HERE for information regarding these pods.

We have found that our pod portions lately have contained mostly amphipods. You will likely also see a few Isopods and a few assorted other creatures such as: skeleton shrimp, tiny feather duster worms, small sea squirts and other forms of micro fauna. Our pods are shipped in medium bags with a small piece of macro algae for transport. Most of the pods will be clinging to this macro algae on arrival.To assure yourself of the number of pods you have received, take the macro algae in hand and pull it apart. You should see numerous pods buried deeply within the macro. To add the pods to your aquarium or refugium, place the entire macro clump to the tank. If you wish to, you may remove the plant clump after 24 hrs.. The pods will have left the macro in search of a new home in your aquarium.


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Ghost Shrimp
These shrimp are an excellent food source for just about everything you have. These are saltwater shrimp and will live and reproduce in saltwater. Many of these shrimp collected are carrying hundreds of eggs beneath their abdomens. These shrimp are not prolific breeders though. The baby shrimp feed tiny seahorses and mandarin fish. The adult shrimp are excellent food for Marine Bettas, Lionfish, or Anthias. They are used best to feed large fish. Great for feeding Sting Rays Octopi and Cuttle Fish. During the summer months these shrimp are shipped with cold packs. That's right; cold is better than heat.

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