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Cold weather is the time of year we look forward to. The cold weather and cold water is actually very, very beneficial to most of the critters we sell. As the temperature gets lower the animals slow down and conserve a lot of oxygen and do not produce as much waste in the shipping bag. The turbo snails and some of the items we collect from the Keys are likely to be most affected by the cold water. With that said, the water even in the Keys reaches winter time lows in the low 50's.The acclimation process should remain the same. Float bags for no longer than fifteen minutes, while adding aquarium water a quarter cup at a time to equalize water conditions and temperature. Let us know within 24hrs. if you do not see any movement from the snails. The pods should also be fine as they are collected locally where winter water temps reach upper 30's. If you see or saw dead pod bodies in the bag then they did not survive, we will credit you for those losses. If you do not see anything in the pod bags they are alive and hunkered down in the macro shipped with them.


If you live in the Southeast, please view the "Shipping Info." page for valuable information.

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Recent customer e-mails:

Shelley & John,
Thank you again for taking care of me and my tanks!  Incredible quality and it is so obviously that loving care went into, not only the selection of product, but packaging of each item!  Bravo on the innovative and extremely effective packaging of both the corraline cluster and feather duster cluster! 
Everyone and everything is happily settled!  Thank you again!

Eyvonn Plumley 


I am so happy with my order-- The feather duster cluster is the coolest thing ever! There are red, orange, brown, tan and white feather duster, three sea squirts, sponge-- the emerald crabs quickly tore it off and ate it-- and a couple of anemones! The green polyps really glow when I have just the moonlights on the nanocube turned on.! The sea cucumbers are the perfect size for my nanocube. The nerite snails are the most beautiful snails I've ever seen in an aquarium. Their small size makes them very attractive for nanocubeers! I'll be ordering again in 3 weeks or so--- want to give the tank a chance to balance-- I can hardly wait until you get some sea whips in. and more feather duster clusters and crabs! Oh- and some peppermint shrimp.

Hi, Shelley:

Thank you for sending me a personal typed e-mail. I've been buying stuff on internet for years. I rarely get a REAL notification from a REAL person. Especially thank you for doubling the pods and macro algae! It's really nice of you for doing that! I've been keeping fresh water and marine fish for some years. But the pure reef tank is new to me. I've just set up this 75G reef tank with live rock and live sand, and the tank has done cycling. My phone number is (***)***-****. I'm really looking forward to receiving the package on Wednesday.

Thanks again! James


Hi, John & Shelley:


Just finished putting all the stuff in my tank. You've packaged well, no leaking whatsoever, and other than few shrimps, they arrived well, too. Thank you again for giving me so many freebees! That's totally unexpected and unprecedented!! You guys are setting new standard for mail order live stocks!!


I am especially fond of ghost shrimp! Unfortunately you said they don't breed in the tank. If the air shipping were not so expensive, I would buy much more often from you.


Thank you and best wish to you both!




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Upon receipt of your critters, do NOT allow their acclimation process to exceed 15 minutes. They are ready to be in your tank immediately. Giving them a longer acclimation process will stress them. A good process to follow is to add 1/2 to 1 cup of your tank water to their bags and allow to float for 10-15 minutes. Add to your tank with a net. Discard water down a drain. If you have questions please email or call toll free: 1 866 241 9897. Thank you, John

We are shipping on Monday November 21st only this week. Shipping will resume as normal following Thanksgiving.

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