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Algae Eating Snails

Astrea Tecta Snails

They eat filamentous algae, green and brown slime algaes and diatoms. They are tremendous algae eaters. They DO right themselves if they fall off the glass. The only time they will not right themselves is if they eat an algae that makes them ill. I have never seen one not be able to right itself.

Chestnut Turban Snails

Turbo castanea snails do very much the same task as the Astrea snails. They will consume filamentous algae and diatoms. These too are collected from the Keys. They are usually found in areas of lower light levels. They are very active and consume a TON of algae! These snails vary in size from the size of a pea to about 1/2".

Nassarius Vibex

Looking for the best substrate cleaner around? You found 'um! Nassarius vibex snails. These little guys stay burried beneath your substrate and wait for the enticing aroma of food. It doesn't take much to get them "popping" out of the ground and chase down the food. You'll find our Nassarius snails very healthy, hardy, and inexpensive. Don't forget, ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING!

Nassarius Obsoletus
These snails are larger than their cousins the vibex. You will not need as many of these snails because they eat more and are much more active than the vibex. They do bury themselves in the substrate, just not as much. THEY EAT A LOT! They also come from more temperate waters(North and South Carolina). They will do well in reef aquariums, but may have a slightly shortened life span in tropical warm water.

Marginella Snails

This local snail is a tan/brown color. We find these snails to be excellent detrivours and behave very much like the Nassarius snails. They will bury in the sand looking for dead material to devour. These snails are typically 1/4" in length.

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