Pistol Shrimp
Caribbean pistol shrimp make excellent scavengers. They will dig tunnels and deep caves. This could be damaging to delicate rock work causing structures to fall over. These shrimp are very well suited for a refugium or reef with minimal rock work. Don't be alarmed when you hear a very loud "POP", it's only the new shrimp. They may not look exactly like photo. Photo is representative only.

$9.99/ ea.

Portion o' Mixed Pods
Amphipods and assorted microfuana are excellent additions to your main tank or refugium. Most of these tiny critters are detrivours or micro algae eaters. They are also a tremendous food source for fish and inverts of all kinds. Our portion O' pods contains at least 25 amphipods and reef safe isopods. We are also finding skeleton shrimp, micro starfish, tiny tiny pipfish, and tiny worms in some portions. Important to know: these are benthic pods. This means that they are NOT free swimming, but will crawl along your rockwork, plants, substrate, etc. Your Mandarin or other fish will easily find and eat them.CLICK HERE for information regarding these pods.

Our pods are shipped with a small piece of macro algae for support during transportation. Most of the pods will be clinging to this macro algae on arrival. If you look at the plant closely you may see tiny mud tubes. These tubes are amphipod homes. To assure yourself of the number of pods you have received, take the macro algae in hand and carefully pull it apart. You should see numerous pods buried deep within the macro. If you would like to hold the macro 3-4" into your water, you will see them swim out. To add the pods to your aquarium or refugium, place the entire macro clump to the tank. If you wish to, you may remove the plant clump after 24 hrs.. The pods will have left the macro in search of a new home in your aquarium.

You may choose to purchase a second portion and a portion of macro for your refugium. They will frolic well and breed among Chaetomorpha or Gracilaria. Feed your 'fuge some frozen food once in a while. You can keep a nice stock in your refugium and add some to your main tank from time to time as a treat.


These amphipods will also be available upon request or auction sites.