Condylactus & Pink Tip Anemones
Personally chosen by John, these are choice anemones. These have been known to act as host anemones for clowns. We have primarily pink tip, or mostly pink anemones in stock.


Hawaiian Feather Dusters
A feather duster is actually a worm. The worm builds a tube in which to live and a feather with which to capture food. They are very interesting to watch, a beautiful addition to any aquarium, and an excellent filter feeder! Larger feather dusters can be special ordered. Please inquire if interested.


Rock & Flower Anemones
Flower anemones(4"-7") will try to find their way to the bottom of your tank! They are burrowing anemones and will prefer to make their home in the sand bed. Their bodies extend down to 8" through the sand. We most commonly collect tan with white markings however, green and blue speckled or all white or yellowish specimens are also found.




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