Caulerpa Prolifera
For details about this product, and how it benefits your tank and your fish, click HERE. I am imposing a limit of no more than 10 lbs. of prolifera per order retail or wholesale. The reason for this limit is to prevent die off once it is purchased. No one has enough room to house more than 10lbs. of prolifera properly.

We have some prolifera available for a limited time in the 1/4 lb. sizes only.

Prolifera is the best choice for the refugium. Our choice Caulerpa is sold @


$9.49 ½lb.

OR ..................$6.49 1/4lb

Caulerpa Paspaloides
This fantastic Caulerpa is a super hardy macro algae. This Caulerpa grows fast and adapts to many different light intensities. Caulerpa paspaloides is least apt to go sexual than other Caulerpas and we collect it from the Keys right around various corals. This Caulerpa is beautiful enough and safe enough to house in your main tank.
The shoots look like little palm trees that grow up off of a runner.

$7.49 for two shoots

Mangrove Pods
Mangrove pods are collected before they have sprouted. Mangrove is an great addition to your refugium being an excellent nutrient exporter. They will require 10 hours of strong lighting/day. Mangroves are a tree, however, and grow very slow ...around an inch in a year all the while helping to keep your aquarium healthy. Our Mangroves are growing very nicely. We have plenty of them between 6"and 10" tall.


Pipefish and seahorses love to dawdle among it. The Gracilaria ranges in color from bright red to orange to brownish. It's branches feel as if they are full of water. This macro will take nutrients out of your water, however has not grown very quickly for us. Gracilaria is a very attractive piece of the sea and is usually purchased as food or an addition to make the inhabitants of your aquarium feel at home. A bunch of gracilaria is a bushy piece that will fan out to fill a 6"x6" area in the water. Locally collected Gracilaria tends to be brown or beige in color. It is seasonal and at times cannot be found locally. Gracilaria, in general, changes color after acclimating to a new environment.




Shoal Grass
Shoal Grass, like Turtle Grass, sends long runners through the substrate to send up a new plant. This grass will also reach heights of 12-18". It makes a great transitional plant from reef to grass bed. We only sell in bunches as this grass has such a a fine leaf.


$10.49 for 6 plants

$19.49/12 plants

Manatee Grass
This tubular sea grass is a beautiful addition to any reef or fish only aquarium. Manatee grass grows more rapidly than Turtle or Shoal grasses. Manatee grass can reach lengths of up to 24". Only sold in bunches.


$5.49 for 3 plants

$10.50/6 plants

Shaving Brush Plant
This really cool macro algae is a calcareous algae. Shaving Brush is a beautiful marine macro algae used primarily as a decorative plant. Please specify size that you prefer. Use in your show tank or in your refugium. It does best planted in an aragonite sand or established fine crushed coral substrate. Expect it to die off some during transplanting. Do not remove seemingly dead plants. The plant will come back from the hold fast (roots).


3 for $20.00

Mermaid's Fan
This macro algae is very similar in structure and requirements of the Shaving Brush. It grows well and adapts to many different light intensities. We collect it from the Keys in low water flow areas mixed in with Manatee and Turtle grasses. This Macro algae is beautiful enough and safe enough to house in your main tank. Please specify as to the size you would prefer.


3 for $20.00

Codium Algae
A very desirable macro algae- It looks fantastic, resistant to herbivores, and doesn't die off very easily. Keeps well with normal florescent lighting. We have acquired a small amount of Codium. It will be available for a short time.

$8.49/ea. 4"-6" piece

We've collected this Chaetomorpha from the Keys and it's the good thick hardy stuff. Recently, we've found it loaded with microfauna: Micro Stars, Bubble Snails, small clams, and some Medusa Worms. This Chaetomorpha comes to you in about a baseball sized portion. Each portion is a self contained refugium kit complete with detrivours and some pods.


Halimeda is also a calcareous algae like the Shaving Brush and Mermaid's Fan. We currently have some of the bushy type of halimeda. This plant has no root ball.


Sea Lettuce(ulva)

We have found a limited quantity of ulva growing in this area. This makes a fantastic refugium plant and is very desirable to pods. This plant also makes a great supplemental food source for many herbivores. We will sell this plant in tennis ball sized portions.

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